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Instantly Become the Influencer in Your Space!

Looking for a professional website for your podcast?  Try our PODCAST WEBSITE & within a few weeks, you’ll have a brand new look and a professional brand.  Get our new “influencer site” package and let’s take your business to the next level.

Automatically Convert Your Podcast Transcripts into Professional PDF’s

Upload Transcript - Convert to PDF

So many uses.  Take your podcast transcript and instantly create a beautiful PDF file using Designrr’s automatic conversion software.   Use the new PDF as a lead magnet or a free download on your blog.  Instantly boost credibility and seo.  

The Best Video Editor on the Planet

Camtasia Video Editor

Looking to quickly edit & craft professional looking videos with TEXT & ANIMATIONS.  Add intros?   We use and recommend Camtasia (over a decade & 5,500+ videos and counting).   WE LOVE CAMTASIA! 

The Best Hosting for WordPress

WordPress Hosting PLUS 24/7 SUPPORT

Looking for a scaleable hosting that doesn’t cost a fortune.  Siteground is the best hands-down when it comes to uptime & customer support.  As your website grows, it’s push-button simple to expand your plan at the lowest cost I’ve seen.


Over a Million Dollars Spent on Testing Different Tools

Our team has created over 1200+ sales funnels, products, membership sites, webinars and blogs.  As we test products and services, we recommend only the best on this page.   The company may pay us a referral commission and you can assume that we have a affiliate-vendor relationship.  This does not increase the price and this does not influence our recommendations.

Physical and Digital Products

Online ​Webinars

Membership Sites

Combined CRM, Email Marketing, Landing Pages and More!

Email Marketing & Sales CRM On Steroids

Setup your business the right way for scale-ability.  From 0 to 8 figures easily… 

  • Automate Your Email Marketing
  • Track Every Open
  • Process & Fulfill Orders
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Assigned Team for Consultation

Skyrocket Sales with Webinars

​The Best ​Live & Recorded Webinar

What’s the one thing that top earners have in common?  They use webinars to close their leads…

  • Live Webinar System
  • Answer Questions in Real Time
  • 24/7 Online Evergreen
  • Full Control + Design Match


Best Autoresponder

Looking to capture leads, setup follow-up campaigns & broadcast to your customers.  We recommend Aweber for these reasons:

  • Highest Email Deliver-ability
  • Tag & Move Leads & Buyers
  • Autodrip Email Campaigns
  • Broadcast Promotions

Turn Your Podcasts into Videos

The Easiest Way to Increase Sales with Your Podcast...

Pod2Vid is a professional video management company. We specialize in taking your podcast and designing, editing, publishing & search engine optimizing.  The result is – you get more clients & more business. Guaranteed.

  • Done for You Dedicated Professional
  • Professional Design & Branding Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization for Your Niche
  • Published for You On Time, Every Time


why are we the best choice for you?

First, we recommend creating offers that your visitors can click & buy directly from you.  Without offers, you don’t have a business.

Example:  Life Coaches can create a 6-week group coaching offer to help people lose weight.  Let’s say they charge $1,000 for the 6-week coaching.  20 clients x $1,000 = $20,000 for the six weeks.  Use our recommended CRM & Email Marketing All-in-One Solution…

Second, create free content using YouTube & Facebook.  Using a concept called “move the free line”, you give away your best concepts / best ideas / best training to build trust and move your leads into your sales funnel.

Example:  The Life Coach School creates a weekly podcast teaching people about improving their mental health.  They currently have almost 400 topics / trainings.  When people search online, they come up for most of these topics.  Then, people get added to their group coaching & life coaching certification.    Click here for our done-for-you podcast to youtube management service.

Open up & close your offers while piggyback marketing.   Start capturing leads & following up with email marketing.  Broadcast offers and product launches.

Example:  Let’s say you have the group coaching offer using the webinar software above.  You email your list announcing your doors opening.  Then, when you’re done, you close the doors & put up a lead capture “get on the list” page.  Repeat every 6 weeks.


Professional Advice from
World Class Business Mentors

“We treat your business like our business.  We want to help you make smart decisions for the complex problems in your business.   We  help craft offers & improve sales processes as well as consult on day to day operations.​​”


Video Management Company


YouTube Management Services

Need to Clean Up Your Channel? We Do That...

We know you’ve spend countless hours “in” the business and now that your business is growing, you’re ready to work “on” the business.   No matter the size, we can have your channel looking professional within a week, and then, week-by-week it will come to life.  More importantly, you’ll start ranking for keywords and get the targeted traffic for your content & offers.   Estimated Clean-Up Cost: 0 – 200 Videos = $4400   Up to 400 Videos = $7900

"Podcasting is the New Blogging..." - Seth Godin

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