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Our two favorite words are "absolutely" and "grateful". We have been marketing full-time for the past 15 years. We specialize in search branding through YouTube WHILE optimizing each video to get ranked for each "search" term. What are people typing in to get to you? Let's set it up so they can find you easily...

That’s us.  We add our team as a “manager” or “admin” on your accounts & we get “on-board” with your schedule and publish the videos on time, everytime.   We’re perfectionists and demand more of ourselves each and every time. 

Absolutely!    You upload your audio file to a special Dropbox & we take care of the rest.   We can produce intros, outros, remaster, level volumes, create design, improve brand image & create something that will knock you into the 2020’s…

You’ve come to the right place, honestly.     We recommend a 6-week cleanup on your channel.  We’ll meet the first week with channel branding & design.  Then, each week we will focus on SEO and directing your visitors to your offers.  

We have different levels of pricing depending on your level of need.  Check out our pricing page here:  Pod2Vid Pricing

We do offer consultation services to help craft or improve your offers.  Please click the consultation button above…

During our first week “setup” consultation, we go over branding, design options and start unlocking YouTube’s advanced features.   Then, at anytime during this process and our time with you, if you are not happy we can improve the design or cancel altogether.  You are not under any contracts.


Video Management Company



Need to Clean Up Your Channel? We Do That...

We know you’ve spend countless hours “in” the business and now that your business is growing, you’re ready to work “on” the business.   No matter the size, we can have your channel looking professional within a week, and then, week-by-week it will come to life.  More importantly, you’ll start ranking for keywords and get the targeted traffic for your content & offers.   

Clean-Up Expectations:  6-Week Time Frame   
Budget:  $1500 Per Week

"Podcasting is the New Blogging..." - Seth Godin

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