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We Convert Your Podcasts into a Professional YouTube Channel... Life is short! We only want to work with and for fun people...

YouTube is the largest search engine after Google. If you’re not growing a YouTube channel, you’re missing out on thousands of customers who want to do business with you.

Now, we can turn your existing podcast into a highly professional and profitable YouTube channel … without an extra minute of your time.  With our unique done-for-you service, our team does all the work including edit, design, publish & seo your finished video.    The result is you rank for keywords within your specific niche while increasing leads, subscribers and buyers into your business.    Let’s get started…


"Stop telling your big dreams to small minded people..." - Oprah

Kit Elliott


  • YouTube Channel Design & Architecture
  • Facebook PPC Advertising
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Sales Funnels & Online Marketing

Kit specializes in sales funnel optimization, SEO for video distribution, pixel marketing & pay per click advertising. His fun, honest approach to doing business online makes him easy to work with.

My motto is, "if it's not fun, don't do it." The job. The clients. The work. Friends. Travel. Vacation. If you're fun and easy to work with, let's bring your big dreams to life.

"I approach every sales process from the customer's point of view from the minute I see your mechanism for getting the click to the first impression landing on your website. I want to optimize every interaction to increase your sales while increasing customer retention. Let's get started..."


Need to Clean Up Your Channel? We Do That...

We know you’ve spent countless hours “in” the business and now that your business is growing, you’re ready to work “on” the business.   No matter the size, we can have your channel looking professional within a week, and then, week-by-week it will come to life.  More importantly, you’ll start ranking for keywords and get the targeted traffic for your content & offers.   

Clean-Up Expectations:  6-Week Time Frame 
Average: 50 Videos Per Week 
Budget:  $1500 Per Week

"Podcasting is the New Blogging..." - Seth Godin

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